my udon

Tonight I took a shot at another classic Japanese soup: Udon. It’s is one of my favourite Japanese meals but it’s not as common as Ramen and less famous. I borrowed some cookbooks from the library and found some recipes.

crazy ingredients

This time I found most of my ingredients at the Win-Tai grocery store on Ogilvie road. This asian grocery store has the best selection of Japanese food in town. I found everything I needed no problem, from the Kombu (dried kelp) to Bonito (smoked fish flakes). I found a nice package of “fresh” Udon noodles too. The noodles are really what makes the soup so great! Big fat chewy noodles a bit al dente is the way to go. Unfortunately the noodles were just a liiiitle bit too soft in the end because it was hard for me to make sure the shrimp tempura were cooked at exactly the same time. Next time I’ll have to be more meticulous.

The broth was just “good”. It wasn’t as amazing as my ramen was, but it also takes less than an hour to make this soup from scratch! I think I’ll try a different recipe next time. I want a more sweet seafood type broth but that might not be the most authentic. I also used the wrong recipe for the batter of the shrimp tempura. There’s always room for improvement I guess eh?

the finished product

It may sound like it didn’t turn out, but I wouldn’t quite say that. Leanna liked it: we both did actually. It wasn’t a home run like the ramen, and didn’t quite satisfy my Udon itch, but my taste buds didn’t complain one bit!